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API limits on non-transpart APIs

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API doc says that there limits to the API calls, but Dropbox does not wish to disclose any info on limitations.

I also understand that you may have quote on upload/download APIs, but what are the limitations on other endpoints. The reason I ask this is because, I will be doing a complete scan of the given Dropbox Business account. There might thousands of members and millions of folders that I would need to walk through (fortunately there is this recursive option, but unfotunately only 2K items max can be listed in a single call). Listing each folder synchronously will be very time consuming and may even take days if the Dropbox business account is pretty large. I plan to list folders parallely and noticed that sometimes I am allowed to list 10 folders concurrently and other times I get '429 too many requests'. The behaviour is not consistent because sometimes I can list 10 folders concurrently while other times I get 429 response when trying to list three folders simultaneously.

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Re: API limits on non-transpart APIs

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