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Building a C++ tool

New member | Level 2

We have a cross platform project written in c++/open gl

What is the best way to intergrade Dropbox for the windows part?

On mac you can write a c++ wrapper using objective c++

Is it possible to link the c#api to a c++ project?

I am leaning on the scenario of using json and call html calls (Modifying an existing API v1 c++ library)

But I have a blind spot on oath2 , & how I should go about that..

The rest I can figure out I think.

Also any link to the HTML procedure that needs to be followed to make a client call


Kind regards!






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Re: Building a C++ tool


Dropbox doesn't offer an official C++ SDK for the Dropbox API, nor does the official Dropbox API v2 .NET SDK officially support C++, but I'll pass these along as feature requests. I can't promise if or when that might be implemented though. 

That being the case, you can call the HTTPS endpoints directly from your C++ code, or use a third party library.

For information on how the OAuth flow works, I recommend reading the OAuth Guide. You can find more information in the authorization documentation. That's the only part that involves HTML, in that you send the user to the Dropbox web site to authorize your app. You don't need to work with HTML to call the Dropbox API. It operates using JSON and octet streams over HTTPS.

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