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Calling /2/files/list_folder/continue without headers

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There are several endpoints that have a corresponding `continue` endpoint that allow for pagination. My question is do the corresponding `continue` endpoints require the same headers and json body that was passed initially.

For example I call /2/files/list_folder with following headers and request body

Headers = {'Dropbox-API-Path-Root': '{".tag": "namespace_id", "namespace_id": "795884475"}'}

Data = {"path": "", "recursive": True}

I get the result and use the cursor to call /2/files/list_folder_continue. Now when calling /2/files/list_folder_continue, do I also need to pass the Headers and Data that was passed to /2/files/list_folder or I just pass the cursor in request body?

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Re: Calling /2/files/list_folder/continue without headers


You should use the same headers, but the body is used for endpoint-specific parameters, which can vary by endpoint. The /2/files/list_folder and /2/files/list_folder/continue endpoints in particular do take different parameters. For /2/files/list_folder/continue, the body should only contain the expected "cursor" parameter as JSON.

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