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Create/edit documents through API

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I've submitted a similar Feature Requests months ago and it's been asked also in:


They're both marked as solved, but as far as I can tell through the existing APIs is not possible to actually edit or create new documents.


Am I missing something?

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Re: Create/edit documents through API

gcr Level 2
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I also would love the ability to programatically edit Paper documents. I'm trying to build a journal app that syncs text files in a folder that I have with something like Dropbox Paper so I can add to my journal on the iPad, and the ability to save documents into Dropbox is the last missing piece!


Re: Create/edit documents through API


Thanks for the request! That's correct, the current Paper API doesn't support creating/editing documents, but we're tracking that as a separate feature request.


Re: Create/edit documents through API

The Dropbox API now offers a way to create and update Paper documents programmatically:

If you're using an official SDK, there will also be corresponding methods for those endpoints.
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