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Dropbox SDK login script error Windows 10 c# IE11

Level 4

Our application uses Dropbox SDK for C# in WPF application. We use login screen from Dropbox SDK  to autheniticate users with their dropbox accounts. One user has reported me that he gets script error on login page when he tries to authenticate. He uses Windows 10 and has IE11 and Edge installed.

loginerror.pngError when using login from Dropbox sdk on windows 10/IE11

It looks like there is an js script error on login page (something in connection with captcha?)

I do not have this type of message from any other of my Windows 10 development or test machines so I was wondering why this happens on his machine?

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Re: Dropbox SDK login script error Windows 10 c# IE11


[Cross-linking for reference: ]

In the screenshot attached, you appear to be using a webview in order for the user to login and OAuth the app. Using webviews to process the OAuth app authorization flow is unsupported.

Our latest version of the .NET SDK includes both instructions and a helper class to ensure that a supported native browser is used to process the OAuth flow.


Re: Dropbox SDK login script error Windows 10 c# IE11

Level 4

Thanks for the reply. Using sdk and new examples I have implemented new workflow.

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