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Dropbox revoke my access token without being requested to do so

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Im doing a project using dropbox api on python and I need to use access token for it, the problem is that everytime I create an access token, he get revoked after aboud day....

It's freaking me...

Can I do something to cancel it?

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Re: Dropbox revoke my access token without being requested to do so

By default, Dropbox API access tokens for your app(s) don't expire by themselves, but there a number of different ways that a Dropbox API access token can become invalid, including:
  • the user can revoke all access tokens for an app by unlinking it on the connected apps page
  • any client with the access token can revoke the access token by calling /2/auth/token/revoke
  • the Github-Dropbox token scanning partnership can revoke access tokens found publicly posted on GitHub
  • if the app uses the "app folder" permission, the access token can effectively be disabled by deleting the app folder itself in the Dropbox account, either via the Dropbox website or any client
  • the app can be disabled
  • the account that owns the app can be disabled
  • the connected account can be disabled
If the Dropbox API isn't behaving as expected for your app or account, feel free to contact support by opening an API ticket here.
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