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Error 400 while uploading a file

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Error 400 while uploading a file

dropbox rest APi was working good so far. Nevertheless i am facing a new issue while uploading file


[ Error in call to API function "files/upload": Bad HTTP "Content-Type" header: "multipart/form-data; boundary=--------------------------887865632890002114004440".  Expecting one of "application/octet-stream", "text/plain; charset=dropbox-cors-hack".] with my ios9 application.

kindly help me with this

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Re: Error 400 while uploading a file

Your app appears to be sending a "multipart" Content-Type, instead of one of the allowed values: "application/octet-stream" or "text/plain; charset=dropbox-cors-hack". You'll need to make make sure your app only sends one of those allowed values.

Exactly how you do this depends on what SDK/library/HTTP client you're using. It looks like you're probably not using one of our SDKs, so I'm afraid I can't offer specific instructions. Sometimes, HTTP clients will automatically choose a Content-Type value like that, so you'll need to refer to the documentation for whatever client you're using for instructions on how to specify it properly.

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