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Getting raw http response using Python SDK

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Hello All,

I've been reading through Python SDK docs and looking at SDK source code and found that internally all Dropbox does is call request(*params). My use case is a little different where I need the raw JSON string in response.

I found a few methods (i.e. request_jsob_object, request_json_string) which I guess return the raw response? Can you tell me how to use them? I looked at their docs and not sure how would I call them and what exactly they return?

An example would really help here.



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Re: Getting raw http response using Python SDK


I can't officially recommend or support trying to use the methods you mentioned (or any other internal methods) in the Dropbox Python SDK as they're only intended for use by the library itself, and are subject to change without notice across versions.

The Dropbox Python SDK isn't built to expose the raw response to the caller, so if your use case requires it, you may be better served by calling the HTTPS endpoints directly using an HTTPS client of your choosing (e.g., the requests library, like the Dropbox Python SDK uses) instead.


Re: Getting raw http response using Python SDK

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Thanks Greg!

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