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How to dealing with shared folder event by /ist_folder/continue API

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When trying to dealing with shared folder event generated by /ist_folder/continue API, we noticed the folder changes reported by /ist_folder/continue API is same in the following two case and it confues us.

case1:    sync some files under a folder and delete the folder then create a shared folder with the same name (ex: create /A/B.txt, delete /A, create a shared folder /A)

case2:    creating a shared folder (ex: creat a shared folder /A)



The /ist_folder/continue API will report the same event:



"entries": [
".tag": "deleted",
"name": "A",
"path_lower": "/A",
"path_display": "/A"
".tag": "folder",
"name": "A",
"path_lower": "/A",
"path_display": "/A",
"id": "id:a7PnAnCp1kAAAAAAAABjyQ",
"shared_folder_id": "2841070816",
"sharing_info": {
"read_only": false,
"shared_folder_id": "2841070816",
"traverse_only": false,
"no_access": false
"cursor": "XXXXXX",
"has_more": true




We can not identify there two cases easily.

It may lead to remove local folder even we only sharing a folder because /ist_folder/continue API reports a folder delete event.


Is this a kind of bug for /ist_folder/continue API  for shared folder or by design ?

Is there a guideline to handle these case and is there any chance to imporve the /ist_folder/continue API  behavior for shared folder.

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Re: How to dealing with shared folder event by /ist_folder/continue API

This is the expected behavior, and it is unlikely to change.

I'll be happy to pass this along as feedback to the team though. Can you elaborate on how this causes issues for your app?

You can check that the folder has been shared via the `sharing_info` included in the new folder metadata, in order to reconcile the deletion and addition, if you wish. Additionally, in the case of a shared folder, the `id` of the folder itself won't change (unlike in the deletion/new folder case).
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