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I want to download large file (more than 50 mb) using .net sdk

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How to set timeout for downloading large files from dropbox using .net sdk i am using below code

using (var response = await client.Files.DownloadAsync(file.FolderName + file.FileName))

using (var fileStream = File.Create(destinationpath + file.FileName))
var destPath = sourcepath + "/Recevied" + file.FolderName + file.FileName;
entries.Add(new RelocationPath(file.FolderName + file.FileName, destPath));
(await response.GetContentAsStreamAsync()).CopyTo(fileStream);

catch (Exception ex)

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Re: I want to download large file (more than 50 mb) using .net sdk


You can find an example of setting a timeout with the .NET SDK here:

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