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Issues with iOS app lately

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Hi guys,

We have had drobpox import into our app for years, but in the last few days I have gotten numerous reports of users being:

1) Unable to load images via Dropbox in the app or

2) NEWLY created folders are not showing up in the chooser in our app but they are showing up on the dropbox app on the same device.

We haven't changed anything in the code on our side, so wanted to find out if there is something going on with the API itself that could be causing these issues?


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Re: Issues with iOS app lately


I'm not aware of anything that should be causing that, but we'll be happy to look into it. We could use some more information for both of these though. Please let us know:

  • the version number of the Dropbox iOS app you're seeing this with
  • the version number of the Dropbox Chooser SDK you're using
  • the specific steps to reproduce each issue
  • the full text of any error or unexpected output, or screenshots showing the issue

Feel free to open an API ticket instead if you'd prefer to share this privately.

Thanks in advance! 

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