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Move_batch performance issues

Explorer | Level 4

I am here to express concern with poor performance using the move_batch API endpoint. After investing significant resources into restructuring my application to queue up and check on these types of asynchronous requests as suggested in response to problems I was having attempting to move files synchronously, I frequently encounter move_batch requests failing for no identifiable reason.

I'm particularly frustrated at the moment by one particular "job" that fails no matter how many times I repeat it (dbjid:AADtrwnsGSbXhQlQpXlcArmBS9glb986C5DsdcMN4rA2MixOJK7nnJ3WAj0QNIXF8q_Ry2vBb2y7t0Zabz-nieBF). It's a few hundred files, nothing too crazy, but I've been reattempting it over and over for the past two days and it fails each time after about 10 minutes. Other similar jobs go through fine. It doesn't make any sense to me.

It would be really helpful to get a clear answer on why this is so slow and unreliable. 

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Re: Move_batch performance issues

Explorer | Level 4

Adding to the mystery, when I moved the exact same files to the same destination folder using the Dropbox web interface, it worked instantly.  



Re: Move_batch performance issues


Thanks for the feedback! It sounds like this is a followup to your earlier thread this year about this. I'm afraid I don't have any news or changes to report on this though. I know this performance still isn't very good, so I'll bring this up with the team again.

Regarding that particular job that is consistently failing, can you share the full request and response? (Just be sure to redact the access token of course.) That should help me investigate it in particular. Please open an API ticket if you'd prefer to share privately.

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