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Objective-C Dropbox API very different from v. 2.0.6 to 3.10.0

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I had been using ObjectiveDropboxOfficial version 2.0.6 sinc 2016.  Today I updated the SDK using cocoapods "pods update".  All seemed to go well and it said I now have version 3.10.0.  Initially I got "file not found" in my application file when I try to import the dropbox api header.  I solved that by adding $(inherited) to both the Framework Header Search Path and the User Header Search Path in the target build settings.

Now I am working through all the API changes that come up as errors in my application.  Most of them I can figure out by looking for APIs with similar names.  But I have not found the way to get the Server date and time stamp after uploading a file to the server.  There used to be a field in the DBFILESFileMetadata returned that gave the serverModified, which was a dictionary including, among other things, the NSFileModificationDate.  Is there any way to get that data now with version 3.10.0?

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Re: Objective-C Dropbox API very different from v. 2.0.6 to 3.10.0


You can find information about any breaking changes in the release notes in the release history here:

For example, there were some breaking changes with release v3.0.0.

I'm not sure I know exactly what functionality you're referring to from v2.0.6 though. The DBFILESFileMetadata.serverModified field is and was the NSDate for the modified time recorded by the server for a file. Here's the definition of that in the v3.10.0, and here's the same definition in v2.0.6. That was an NSDate, not a dictionary.

Can you elaborate on what specific information you're looking for, and/or share the relevant code you were using to access it on v2.0.6?

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