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dropbox paper api

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i am tring to implemet the paper api into my site, is dealing with data migration.

i have a few questions.

1. when using docs/list request i am getting only docs Id's (somw of the id's are folders and some are paper doc - and no other info on them like name creation date modify date ,Revision)

2. when using the  docs/download i can see "revision" what does it stand for?.

when requesting i get a revision number let say 10 ,then in the dropbox paper site i added a  letter in this doc and then request again for the same file  i got the revision Change to 13. Why???

3. can i download a doc as PDF using the .net SDk ?



Thank You 

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Re: dropbox paper api


1. The /2/paper/docs/list[/continue] endpoints do only return the IDs, and not any extra metadata. There isn't a way to get the metadata, other than calling /2/paper/docs/download (though that doesn't include created or modified dates), but I'll pass this along as a feature request. I can't promise if or when that might be implemented though. 

2. The 'revision' value identifies the doc revision, that is, it identifies a version of the document. It increases every time the document changes, though it won't necessarilly only increase by one each time. It's used when updating a document, e.g., with /2/paper/docs/update, to avoid unintentionally overwriting new data.

3. No, the Dropbox API doesn't offer the ability to download a Paper doc as a PDF, but I'll pass this along as a feature request as well. Again, I can't promise if or when that might be implemented though. 


Re: dropbox paper api

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more Questions: slightly smiling face


1. When requesting docs/list i get only id's ok, but some of the id's are folder id and some of them are doc id's is there a way just to get the paper folders or just to get all the docs?

2. and if i have a folder id inside the paper how do i get all the docs or folder inside this spesific folder?



Re: dropbox paper api


1. The /2/paper/docs/list endpoint should already only be returning doc IDs, not folder IDs. If this isn't what you're seeing, please let us know and share the relevant code and output so we can investigate. (Be sure to redact the access token of course.) You can share privately by opening an API ticket if you'd prefer.

2. The Dropbox API doesn't offer a way to list all of the contents in a particular Paper folder. I'll pass this along as a feature request as well.

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