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/get_temporary_link URL is always setting content-disposition: attachment Header

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When doing a call to to receive a temporarily link to a media file, the received URL will be like:


However, the problem I have is that this URL is setting the content-disposition: attachment Header, making it impossible to stream this content directly via the browser. Something that should be possible according to the documentation.


It also differs from the behavior of the old API v1 /media call which is setting the content-disposition: inline; header on the temporarily links ( At that time we were able to change this behavior if needed by manually adding ?dl=1 to this URL.


Can you let me know how I can achieve the same behavior with the current API without using shared links?

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Re: /get_temporary_link URL is always setting content-disposition: attachment Header

Thanks for the post! The documentation's reference to streaming the content is referring to streaming it in media players, for example. It isn't intended for displaying in the browser.

There isn't a way to control that unfortunately, but I'll pass this along as a feature request.
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