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Filtering team events by timerange is not working. After specifying start_time and end_time it's still giving all the events.

    url = BASE_URL + "team_log/get_events"
    params = {
        "time": {
            "start_time": "2017-06-29T06:40:45Z",
            "end_time": "2018-01-25T15:51:30Z",
    response =, headers=custom_header, data=json.dumps(params))
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Are you setting the 'Content-Type' value for your request? It would be in your custom_header variable but you didn't share the definition for that.

You should set it like:

"Content-Type": "application/json"

If you don't, the API call parameters won't get sent properly. 

You can use the API Explorer to help prototype these calls. Click "Show Code" and select "Python request (requests library)" for this case.

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