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/list_folder/get_latest_cursor and property_groups issue

Level 4


I am having trouble getting the latest delta cursor to include the property_group.

I am using passing in the JSON body the include_property_groups item (as per documentation).


curl -H 'authorization: Bearer xxxxx' -H 'content-type: application/json' '' -d '{ "include_property_groups": { ".tag": "filter_some", "filter_some": ["ptid:InLiqtFVZJwAAAAAAAA0fg"] } ,"path": "","recursive": true }'

The API returns me the cursor without issues but any subsequent call to retrieve any changes using the call doesn't include the property_group in the response:

curl -H 'authorization: Bearer xxxxx' -H 'content-type: application/json' '' -d '{ "cursor":"AAGqPc4HUM8A9VnCfICokFAPYOsg-QQwa_caZCZ1XEky2uMP_BuPGA8_9J6rrJPK9xYaumyKabX-c2zGB3jyBn6c6hp7WBxC54CM_vSDYiiV44OamHq8wWkrDVtBUFkKCpvYxw-TsvBFjDd_DAm9A66g_9I8uzIg8-kOJnaRbpzn9ZCnIugoXyOXLJilAp43pbXSvp7U7shyh8POzwRtocXR" }'


My template and associated custom properties are in good order and files get their properties set during upload.

A normal call to /list_folder and /list_folder/continue works fine as expected by the way and include the property_group.

Am I missing something here?



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Re: /list_folder/get_latest_cursor and property_groups issue


Thanks for the report! This looks like a bug on our side when using /2/files/list_folder/get_latest_cursor as opposed to starting from /2/files/list_folder.

We'll look into it. I'll follow up here once I have any news on this issue.

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