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"Download error: Dropbox API error 0 from GET"

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I am trying to upload files using the Download from Chrome app. Ordinarily, to download this file I would click a file, it would open in a new tab, and start downloading: I am trying to circumvent this process and upload directly to Dropbox because I lack the hard drive space to download these files.

I am getting this error:

"Download error: Dropbox API error 0 from GET"

and then below it

"{long url} :: (no response)"

Is there any way I can get around this?

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Re: "Download error: Dropbox API error 0 from GET"


Is that all of the error/output you get? An error code of 0 isn't an HTTP status code, so it sounds like something is failing locally or preventing you from connecting to Dropbox at all.

Can you share the steps and code to reproduce the issue?

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