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read a file from dropbox c#

Explorer | Level 3

I have the dropbox picker on my page and I can select a file and get the filelink and name. Now I would pass this info to my c#api to read the content. However, it seem that I am missing the credential

Here c# snippet
var webClient = new WebClient();
byte[] arr;
arr = webClient.DownloadData(dropboxFileData.Link);// the link I got from the client js

The arr contain the login html instead of file content. What credential do I need and how I get it.


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Re: read a file from dropbox c#

New member | Level 1

Take a look at my library:
It should allow you to do everything you want in Dropbox, using a simple API...

Basically, your problem is authentication - the URL that you're using assumes that you will make requests that include your Access Token... Without that, it would have been possible to download files of other users, by just knowing the URL...

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