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Are you interested in hearing how one of our Community members uses Dropbox for sailing trips? Read all about it here.

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Re: Meet our team!

Meet our team!

Community Manager
Hi all,
You may have seen some users with the title 'Dropboxer' and wondered who are they and where do they come from. 
I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our Dropbox moderators (guess what? They’re not bots :robot: )!
You might also have spotted some Super Users. You can find out more about them here.
I’ll get the ball rolling…
Name: Emma
About me: I'm your Community Manager, I’ve been working at Dropbox for almost a year now and using Dropbox for almost a decade :open_mouth: 
A fun fact about me is that I have a very addictive nature with gaming apps (I won’t tell you how far I got in Candy Crush before I made myself delete it). Currently its to a crossword app - I didn’t say they were good games!
Feel free to @ me if you get stuck or just want to say hi! :grinning:
My favorite Dropbox feature: Paper is my life :heart_eyes:
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Dropbox Staff

Name: Jay

About me: Community moderator for over 2 years now, and been using Dropbox for many years.

As per my last post introducing myself, I'm still British, I think... Clocked over 1000 hours in Steam gaming, mostly focused on city/base building and simulation games for now, and an avid collector of rare games. :desktop:

I love my cat, I've had her longer than my Dropbox account! She's called Cocoa and has three colours, black, ginger and white, in thick fur. :smile_cat:

Like my colleagues, I enjoy reading manga, watching anime, but I also enjoy listening to epic orchestral soundtracks, and playing F/GO on my Android. :iphone:

My favorite Dropbox feature: Paper, since it's so easy to use to note stuff down. :floppy_disk:

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Dropbox Staff

Name: Ava

About me: Although you may not have seen me around in the Community yet, I have been moderating for almost two years, and have been using Dropbox since my uni days (almost 10 years now :nerd: ).

I spend a lot of time designing, sketching and researching on new technologies and sustainable structures, when I'm not too busy giving all the attention Betty (my dog) :paw_prints: needs/demands. 

My favorite Dropbox feature: Dropbox Paper & Smart Sync fan

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Dropbox Staff

Ciao a tutti!

Happy to be part of the team!

Name: Giuliacat

About Me: I’m Giuliacat and I’ve been a Dropbox moderator for the Italian Community for more than two years. I love drawing, reading fantasy stories, cats and nature Heart

Mi chiamo Giuliacat e sono un moderatore per la Community italiana da oltre due anni. Adoro disegnare, leggere libri di fantasy, i gatti e le attività nella natura Heart.

My favorite Dropbox feature: Shared folders - Cartelle condivise file folder

Giuliacat Smiling Cat
Community Moderator @ Dropbox


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Dropbox Staff
Hello people! 皆さんこんにちわ!
Name/名前: Kurage 
About Me/自己紹介: I am also one of the Moderator here in the Dropbox Community for Japanese language :slight_smile: I have been with Dropbox since 2017 and it has been amazing ! :unicorn:
I love traveling and calligraphy :rainbow: I would love to travel to other country and teach calligraphy to people :see_no_evil:Heart
My favoriteDropbox feature/好きなDropboxの機能: Dropbox Paper :books: (I always user when I plan traveling :slight_smile:)
Dropbox Paper(旅行を企画するときに便利です:slight_smile:

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Dropbox Staff

Hi there! Bonjour à tous! 

Name: Chloé :st_martin: 

About me: I’m the moderator for the French Community for about 4 months now and I have been using Dropbox longer than I can remember!! I'm in love with traveling:airplane::globe_showing_americas:, and I'm passionate about Art🎨 and Dance💃.

Je suis la modératrice de la Communauté française depuis maintenant presque 4 mois et j'utilise Dropbox depuis aussi longtemps que je me souvienne!! J'aime voyager et je suis passionnée d'Art et de Dance. 

My favorite Dropbox feature: Camera Uploads :camera:, Shared links:link:and File Requests:envelope_with_arrow:

Modératrice de la communauté @ Dropbox

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Gregg S.3
Collaborator | Level 8


It's nice to "meet" you. I'm fascinated with Japanese culture and would love to take calligraphy lessons from you! Alas, I have trouble drawing a straight line using a ruler (^_~), so I doubt I'd be a good learner. But I do admire those who can do it well.

Do you know the 2014 anime Barakamon? (The link is from MyAnimeList.) It's all about calligraphy and very thoughtful.

Thanks for introducing yourself. I'm looking forward to interacting with you and the other Dropboxers in the community.



New member | Level 2

Dropbox es lo mejor


New member | Level 2
You are welcome in your community and I thank you for this respect😁😌

Dropbox Staff

Name: Rita

About me:  I’m the moderator for the Spanish Community for about 2 years now and I have been using Dropbox for a very long time nowI love cats :cat_face: and dogs :dog_face:, and I'm very much into 60's and 70's music :guitar: and fashion. 

Soy moderadora del Foro en español desde hace 2 años y utilizo Dropbox desde hace bastante tiempoAdoro los gatos  :cat_face: y los perros :dog_face:. También, soy fanática de la música :guitar:y la moda de los años 60/70.

My favorite Dropbox feature: Camera uploads, as it makes so easy to save my pictures in a safe place. floppy disk

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Dropbox Staff
Konnichiwa to all! はじめまして:coffee:
Name/名前: Kanameです:nerd:
About Me/自己紹介
I've been taking care of Japanese forum since this year. 
My passion is on playing music. I'm a classically trained pianist :notes:
My favourite composer is Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Debussy etc...
It is my dream to play Heroic Polonaise. I'm not sure when it comes but better to have my aim higher:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
My favoriteDropbox feature/好きなDropboxの機能: 
This is so effective when it comes recording my practice. I can always check and hear back from my laptop, or share it with teacher or friends for some advise(Don't forget, it's not allowed to share copyrighted material!). 
直接Dropboxにアップロードするので、練習の録音を他の端末で聞いたり、先生や友達に共有してアドバイスをもらうのにとても便利です:grinning: (自分が著作権を持っている曲以外は不特定多数の方に共有しないでくださいね:pushpin:

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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