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2 dropbox accounts / switch dropbox plus on the second one

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I just subscribed to dropbox plus but after the payment I realize I was logged in on my old accound from another intership which email adress does not work anymore. 

I don't know if I cancel the subscription right now to start it on my other account, will I still pay for the month? Or can I swith the sucription to the other account? I tried changing my email on the dropbox account but it sent a confirmation to my old email which does not work anymore so I don't know what is best to do. 

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Re: 2 dropbox accounts / switch dropbox plus on the second one

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You can cancel the subscription at any time but it will not refund you. The account would also remain a plus account for the remainder of period that was paid for.

There's no way to move a subscription from one account to another. At best, you can swap the email addresses of the two accounts so the subscription is using the email that you had originally intended. You'll need a third email address to do so. See the following help article for more information:

Manage Account

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2 dropbox accounts / switch dropbox plus on the second one
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