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Re: Emails from Dropbox

Explorer | Level 4

@Jane It's been several months and we are all still asking questions about Katy. Has DropBox gotten to the bottom of this or not? The lack of action and lack of transparency are troubling.


Re: Emails from Dropbox

Community Manager

Hi all,

Thank you for your feedback on this. We can assure you it is with the relevant team.

To stop receiving these emails, you will find the 'Unsubscribe' button at the end of the email.

We hope this helps!


Re: Are the emails we're receiving from the email address xyz@dropbox legitimate?

MrE New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Did you ever figure out what she wanted?  I dont feel comfortable messaging to an unknown email giving out my phone number so I can schedule a call about something I dont know about.  Alot of being left in the dark and fishing for info...

What do you want Katy?  Thats how people discuss things. "I know you use a product and I have your email. Call me...."  Thats all I got from this email. 


Re: Emails from Dropbox

New member | Level 2

The unsubscribe link you refer to is hosted on the domain "", which is not on the list of sanctioned Dropbox domains you keep citing [].  You need a non-trivial amount of technical knowledge to gage the legitimacy of the message.

However, whether it's legit or not, it's obvious people don't really like them, so rather than peppering them with irrelevant business proposals (just because someone mails from does not mean they have any influence on the business decisions of XXdizzy face, how about just stopping these bulk mailouts altogether, or have it as an explicit opt-in rather than burying the implied consent into your terms-of-use policy.


Re: Emails from Dropbox

New member | Level 2

I realize that this is an old thread, but I think I have something to add.

My customer received one of these messages from Katy [personal info removed, as per the Community Guidelines]. The message was suspicious so she contacted me to verify this is not some type of con. 

Whats weird about this message is that it is written in proper Finnish, but the message isn't really something Finnish person would write to this sort of message.

There are only about 6 million people who speak Finnish. It doesn't feel likely that any of them are named "Katy [personal info removed, as per the Community Guidelines]". I think this message was sent by some program or an AI. And later if potential customer contacts dropbox, a real person joins the conversation.

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Are the emails we're receiving from the email address xyz@dropbox legitimate?
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