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Can't log out of website

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I'm on my work computer, logged into Dropbox through Internet Explorer.  I can't log out.  I click on my avatar, and nothing happens. No drop down.  I've clicked everywhere else I can think of, the three dots on the right, the bell, the dropbox icon, every single spot except file folders.  No dice.  I'm pretty worked up because I don't want to leave my personal files open on my work computer. 

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Re: Can't log out of website

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Hi @JK14 

Go to Internet Explorer settings and clear your browsing data -- or just the cookies, if you have that option. This will eliminate the information used to authenticate you and give access to your Dropbox account. I do not know what is wrong with your copy of Internet Explorer, sorry. Clearly it is rendering the Dropbox page incorrectly!

The ordinary way to sign out is to click your user icon in the top right:

dbx support 01.png

Manage Account

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Can't log out of website
1 Reply
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