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Do i need Dropbox Plus or a Business Account?

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We have one dropbox user in the office who needs to be able to add files to dropbox and then open and edit them when at meetings away from the office. Meeting venues do not always have internet access.

We have tried the dropbox business account trial which worked for what we needed, but im not sure whether we need all that this plan can pffer and wonder whether the Indvidual Plus account would provide us with what we need. We cannot get a free trial of this. Can anyone advise please? 

Thanks for your help

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Re: Do i need Dropbox Plus or a Business Account?


Hey there @NWLMC - welcome to our Community and thanks for using Dropbox!

At first, note that sharing an individual account is not recommended at all for security reasons while sharing your Dropbox password with others also violates the Dropbox Terms of Service

That being said, depending on your needs you might be able to achieve what you had in mind by either having this person upgrade their personal, individual account so they can access and edit the mentioned files within shared folders. I'm only mentioning this since shared folders count towards each member's account quota and they would be the way to go with the task at hand (giving them edit rights on the said folders that is). 

On the other hand, you could also facilitate our shared links and file requests features to do this without having them upgrade their account. 

In that case, at first, you'd need to provide them with a shared link to the folder that contains the files you'd like them to work on (shared links give others view and download access to the files/folders not edit rights). Then, they'll need to download the files by accessing the shared link in question and work on the files on their machines locally. After they're done with their edits, they'll be able to upload the files back to your account using a File Request you'd need to have opened up from your end (i.e. account). 

For more information please take a look at these Help Center articles:

Moreover, if you are indeed interested in sharing a quota pool between multiple users, the Dropbox for Business plans might be more suitable for you.  

Last but not least, as you probably know our free Business trials allow you 30 days to experience our Standard and Business plan before you commit to a purchase. Within those 30 days, you can switch between our Business plans to see which best suits your needs.

In addition, our free Professional trial allows you 14 days to experience our Professional plan before you commit to a purchase.

As you noticed, we can only offer you those opportunities once. If you cancel your trial before your trial ends, or if you have already used the product before, you will no longer have the option to start another trial.

I hope this information helps and please let me know if you have any more questions!


Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: Do i need Dropbox Plus or a Business Account?

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In addition to @Walter's explanation take in mind that subscription don't affect ability to work offline! If the work is on laptop, the target files should not be in 'Smart Sync' online mode. If tablet (or other mobile device) is in use, target files have to set in offline mode while still internet connection available. By default, on mobile devices, files are not keep locally.

Actual subscription choice could be made after clarification (for yourself): Are you trying to organize a team in Dropbox environment or not? For team work business subscriptions are better choice, but if you only need to sync particular employee's distant work to the office, then Dropbox plus should be enough.

Hope this cast some additional light.


Re: Do i need Dropbox Plus or a Business Account?

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Thank you for your help! Very useful!


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Do i need Dropbox Plus or a Business Account?
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