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Free Trial auto upgraded after cancellation within trial period

Level 3

I tried the 30 day FREE TRIAL business account as I thought I might need the extra space for a forthcoming project. This project didn't happen so I cancelled the Free Trial after 13 days filling in the cancellation form with all the reasons for cancellation.

The next day I got a email with "thank you for upgrading your account and I have now been charged for the most expensive option for a personal account.

I DID NOT UPGRADE - I CANCELLED well within the trial period.

I have sent two complaint messages to Support and not not had any response in over a week.

This is fraud by misrepresentation. I want a refund.

Has anyone else suffered this?

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Re: Free Trial auto upgraded after cancellation within trial period

Hi there @GregH2
Initially, please bear in mind that each Dropbox account is associated with one email address. You can check which email address is connected to your account from:
For this reason, if you successfully cancelled the Business subscription, could the email about be in regards to another Dropbox account by any chance? 
Additionally, you can look up the email address and payment date associated with a charge with our credit card self-serve lookup tool here:
If you’re still having trouble with this, could you let me know the ticket's ID (which should be a 7 digit number) that you’ve submitted to our Support team? 
Let me know of any updates!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: Free Trial auto upgraded after cancellation within trial period

Level 3

Hi, I only use one email account and this is associated with my one Dropbox account, so it won't be anything like that.

I contacted Customer Services each time using the website route Contact Us > Customer Support > Email > Other > Email Now button > onscreen form. So I don't have a ticket no. to trace.

I used the contact form on July 2nd and again on July 3rd.

I didn't use the "Billing" category option on the form as at that time of communication the transaction was only "pending" in my bank account. The payment has since gone through and been taken from my credit card.

What is my best route to pursue this please?



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Free Trial auto upgraded after cancellation within trial period
2 Replies
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