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How can I merge my two Dropbox accounts into one?

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i can not change my email.i.d through the given procedure. while i m working on two dropbox it is very irritationg for me. how can i merge them

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Re: change of email.

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Hi @tsaleem, I am afraid there is no way to merge two Dropbox accounts. You need to transfer all the contents from one account to another manually. You may download the contents from one, and upload to another. Or you may share the contents from one account to another. You may save a copy of the shared data, and get rid of the other account. 

If your email IDs are already in use, it won't allow to change. You can create a third email address to facilitate the change. Say you have the following scenario: 

Account 1 (, Account 2 ( Now if you want to interchange the emails, you will need a third email address ( Fist change email address of one of the account with the new email address and make the currently associated address free. You can change Account 1 ( Now, should be available. You can use that for Account 2 ( Later you can use for your Account 1. 

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How can I merge my two Dropbox accounts into one?
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