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How can you pretend that this is an acceptable level of support?

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19 days ago, on January 27th, I opened a ticket (5438957) due to an error I get when running the AD Connector to sync Active Directory Users and Groups for my Dropbox Business account.


Since Tier 1 support were unable to help, they escalated the ticket.

Unfortunately, the escalation resulted in my ticket disappearing from the support portal.

When I called in to see what was happening, Tier 1 said they couldn't answer any of my questions as it had been escalated to Tier 2 and they had no visibility or any way to communicate with them.


The only way to correspond with Tier 2 was for me to email them.

I'm told that 5 days after my ticket was submitted they emailed me back but to this day I have received zero emails from Tier 2 to my primary account.


Eight days ago I eventually managed to make some progress after speaking to Monica in Tier 1 who was able to create a new ticket for my personal email address, and act as a go-between.

She asked me to make a change to an XML file and send them the XML file and the latest log file.

Today, after I asked repeatedly for an update, Donnie asked me to do the exact same thing that Monica did - XML file change, submit files to them.


  1. How is this level of support acceptable when paying for a Business-grade product?
  2. How do I get responses within hours instead of weeks?
  3. How do I speak to a human?

It's ridiculous!

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Re: How can you pretend that this is an acceptable level of support?

Hi there,

We're sorry to hear about this. One of our specialists is investigating the issue and will get back to you.
Thank you for your patience during this process!


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How can you pretend that this is an acceptable level of support?
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