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How did I get charged when I didn't ask for an upgrade?

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I never askesd for an upgrade but I got it anyway and of course a bill I never asked for.

So I want you to remove me from any administratioen you have got from me. 

If you think I make a mistake pleaese send me the proper evidence signed by me. I have used the trial opportunity but I never waited for your congratulations on upgrading to dropbox professional. 

I wish you the best with your Dropbox business....If this is not the right destination please let me know where to send it to !

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Re: upgrade

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Dropbox does not, and isn't capable of, upgrading your account without your permission, and it can't do so without you providing payment information. If you started a trial, then the terms of that trial which you had to agree to before starting it stated that if the trial wasn't cancelled before its conclusion, it would convert to a paid subscription. That's the only way this would have happened.

The following help article will tell you how to cancel your account.

Manage Account

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How did I get charged when I didn't ask for an upgrade?
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