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I keep getting an error that I have a full account?

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Hi everyone,


Been having an on going issue with my drop box. A few onths ago my wife attempted to upload gigs of pics of our newborn, during the upload process my free extra space ran out (she thought she was uploading to her dropbox not mine whihc was logged in at the time) so of course the sync stopped.

I cancelled the upload and deleted the folder from drop box, but ever since then my dropbox is telling me i'm 20gb over my quota and won't allow me do upload a thing.

Now, thing is, I only have 1.3gb of files in my drop box (of my free 6gb allowance as per the below image.




There is othing in the deleted files on drop box, i've removed any access to shared folders I was in, yet it is still saying i'm over. I did delete about 2gb of files and the dropbox went from 22gb to 20gb, so it seems there might be an error with my account?

I email dropbox but got an automated reply to check their new self help portal, which I spent 30min searching through to no avail, so I thought i'd turn to here for help



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Re: Quota error


Hey there,


I have gone ahead and reached out to you directly through the tickets that you have submitted.


We are very serious about our security and for these reasons would rather not disclose information that could potentialy be harmful to you.

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Hi anonymous,

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I keep getting an error that I have a full account?
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