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Multiple dropbox business accounts...

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- I work at Company A during the day, which has a dropbox business account
- I also had a personal dropbox plus account, which was linked at both work and at home. no problem.
I am also involved in some sidework, "Company B" who just recently made a dropbox business acount as well as we've been discussing the best way to share files. I love dropbox so I'd like to stick with it...

My plan was to "upgrade" my personal account to the new Company B dropbox, but i've come to find out that I cannot have two business acounts linked to a single computer (without some trickery, which i don't have permission to do on my work computer, not to mention it's a hassle) Furthermore, the invite was sent to the same email that was used for my personal dropbox. So for now it's on hold until I can get my admin to release/change to individual dropbox account. 

So, my new plan is to leave Company B's team dropbox account, and upgrade my personal plan to the 'professional' plan so i have the needed space, and share a big working folder with Company B's team. It ends up costing me a bit more money, but is that feasible to do? or can anyone point out any flaws in my theory? Sorry but it's difficult to determine based on the info provided through the website and help pages.

I'm also curious why it is limited to a single dropbox for business account? Surely i'm not alone in dealing with multiple business accounts?

Thanks for your time. 

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Re: Multiple dropbox business accounts...

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Your plan to upgrade your personal account and share a folder with the second team should work just fine. The business will be able to share a folder with someone outside of their team.


Re: Multiple dropbox business accounts...

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Outgoing and incomeing caiis don't work
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Multiple dropbox business accounts...
2 Replies
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