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Will I keep the additional quota I had before upgrading when I downgrade?

New member | Level 2

I just got this via email:
          Dropbox Plus just got an upgrade. And a new price—starting on November 30, 2019 (that’s your next billing cycle), Dropbox Plus will be $119.88 a year (plus any applicable taxes).

I really don't use much storage, and when I converted from Basic to Plus I was at around 6.5GB for free due to all the ways you can get additional storage.

So the question is: if I revert back to Basic, will I have the amount I had before, or will it go to the initial Basic amount, 2GB if I recall correctly?

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Re: Upgrade

Super User II

When you downgrade, you go back to the amount of space you had prior to upgrading. Any referral space you had when you upgraded was doubled (500 MB per referral to 1 GB per referral). That space will be halved back to what you had previously.

When you visit the Downgrade page it will tell you how much space you end up with if you choose to continue.


Will I still have the extra space I earned on my free account when I cancel my paid plan?

New member | Level 2


I want to downgrade my dropbox from plus subscription to free dropbox.

What will happen then with my dropbox space as before upgrading to plus I had 8GB collected from referring people? Will I still have 8GB or will I get initial 2GB for free account?



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Re: downgrading account

Hey there @natanya,
Yes indeed! You will still have the extra space on your account that you gained from referrals, additional tasks and promotions when you downgrade from your paid subscription. 
Let me know if you have any other questions - Cheers!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Will I lose my free space after I downgrade?

New member | Level 2

My current Dropbox Basic account has 122G of space due to various bonuses and special codes. If I upgrade it to 1TB and in the future, if I downgrade it back to basic, will I lose the special free space of 100G and my bonus space? Thank you.


Re: Will I lose my free space after I downgrade?

Super User

Hi @kxd30, You will retain your basic storage quota after you downgrade provided your bonus space (or part of it) does not have an expiry. 


Re: Will I lose my free space after I downgrade?

New member | Level 2

If your bonuses and special codes/free space (100G) don't have an expiry date, then you will simply get them back; the space you had originally with Dropbox Basic.

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Will I keep the additional quota I had before upgrading when I downgrade?
6 Replies
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