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Would it be possible to revert to my previous 1 TB subscription through iTunes?

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Dear Sir/Madam

I have just buying the Dropbox Plus and make payment already.

Before, I used the account with space is 1 TB and the Payment invoice is from: 

Apple iTunes Store | Dropbox Plus - 1TB
Thank you,
 So, Now can I use another email to use this account again?


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Re: use the old Dropbox subscription

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I am having this problem too. Hope we get some answers soon as they have taken £79.99 of my money!!

Re: use the old Dropbox subscription

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I am using my old account with 1 TB capacity. I just click on the dropbox plus account to find out and the system automatically takes into this account and I have to pay.


Re: use the old Dropbox subscription

Hey @account1, kindly note that I’ve been able to run a search on our system & I saw that my colleague have indeed replied to your email support request yesterday, so it looks like you’re not receiving our messages. While it would be worth checking your Spam filter as a first step, if you’re still unable to see them in your inbox, let me quickly suggest logging in to our support system by visiting with the email address you use for your Community profile. You‘ll need to create a password there, as it is separate from your Dropbox account. 
Following, it looks like you’re asking about our Plus plan, where we’ve recently doubled the space to 2 TB & we’ve also added some premium features, such as Smart Sync & Rewind. Please bear in mind that your previous plan is no longer available for purchase, however you could see our current Plans & pricing here
Nonetheless, if you have any follow-up inquiries regarding your account renewal or pricing options, please get back in touch with my coworker on your ongoing correspondence & they’ll do their best to further address your questions based on the info we have on file on our tools. Thanks! 

From there @Hevfreck1, can you please clarify if you’ve got a subscription registered through iTunes like the OP has mentioned? If so, would you like to continue working on your current plan? Does your concern pertain to a duplicate charge perchance? 
Any detail you could include on this discussion would be very helpful & rest assured that I’m here to help as much as possible. Thanks to both for reaching out to us on the Community!


Community Moderator @ Dropbox


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Would it be possible to revert to my previous 1 TB subscription through iTunes?
3 Replies
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