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Questions about Dropbox? The average community response time is 2 hours! Ask a question now
Community Manager
Community Manager

New to the Community? Start here!

Hi all,
We’re very excited to have you here!
My name is Ed and I'm the community manager here at Dropbox. I'd like to share some initial information to help you get started!
First of all, we want you to feel comfortable asking questions, sharing your thoughts, trying out beta builds, or helping fellow members with your knowledge.
Here are few things for you to familiarize yourself with our community:
I'm having an issue. How do I ask a question?
Great question! You can start a new conversation by clicking on the top menu item "Find Answers" and then hit the "Ask a question" blue button.
You can also reply to an existing thread - odds are that you will find people with similar questions and a solution to that in an existing thread.
To find a thread, you can use our search bar or browse around from our sub-categories on the top of the 'Find Answers' page. 
How do I know if a thread has a solution in it?
Check if it has a green check mark beside it (instead of a question mark).
Some additional resources:

A few other questions that have been asked before:


Is it an official Dropbox channel?

Yes! Our Community forums are legit!


Who answers the questions here?

Fellow members of the community, moderators and super users


Are super users Dropbox employees?

No, they are not. Super users are users of Dropbox like you, but they devote time to help other users as volunteers. Because of their ongoing support, they have direct access to Dropbox staff, as well as few other perks. You can read more about super users here. 


Are Dropbox employees reading what we post here?

Yes, we are. Not only me, but product experts and engineers are often browsing around here. 


What can I or cannot do here?



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Your Community Manager

Ed G
Community Manager @ Dropbox

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