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Community Manager
Community Manager

Our New Super User program is live!



I'm super excited to share this!


After a lot of back and forth internally, talking to different people and to some of you, I'm happy to finally announce our new, shiny, Super User program (overhauled, v2, 'return', reloaded... call it whatever you want)!


What's the Super User program?

The Super User program is aimed at connecting our most passionate community members with our Dropbox teams.


How does it work?

Any active contributors of the Dropbox community can apply (or be invited to join) the program. Once they apply, the community manager (that's me!) will validate your application and get you set up!


Do I need to know everything about Dropbox?

Not at all! We're actually looking for passionate members who are actively helping fellow members. We'll help you with guidance and training!



How often do I need to post to become (or be eligible to) a Super User?

A minimum of 2 answers per month! Again, the goal is to help fellow users (rather than just "yeah, good question" type of posts), so your contribution will be evaluated according to that (more than 'quantity' of answers posted)


What do I get if I become a Super User?

Have a look at the table below!


Do I get all of it from the beginning?

We'll be gradually 'unlocking' your benefits as a new Super User. This may vary depending on your level/quality of contribution and at our own discretion. 


How do I progress from 'New Super User' to 'Super User'?

No hard rule here, but we'd expect a minimum of 6 months as a 'New Super User' before you become eligible.


Super User Program Benefits & Expectations


Benefits unlocked
New Super User
  • Product updates (in advance of public release)
  • Welcome kit (surprise!) 
  • Training module I
  • New SU badge
  • Access to Slack channel
  • Moderator access 
  • Free 50GB of additional space!
  • Min. 2 answers p/month
  • Complete training module
Super User
  • Upgrade Kit
  • Training module II
  • SU badge
  • Live Q&A sessions with Dropbox team
  • Level II moderator accesses
  • Visit a Dropbox Office 
  • Access to a Dropbox Business test account
  • Meet ups
  • Min. 5 answers (w/ 1 accepted solution) p/month 
  • Complete training modules
  • Join (or watch recorded) session w/ Dropbox team
  • Escalate trending issues to Community Manager


Super User II level - more to come!


Super User Policies (applies to all levels)

  • Adhere to our Community Guidelines
  • To provide accurate information to other users
  • Report identified issues
  • Report users misbehaving on the community
  • Sign Confidentiality agreement (NDA) 
  • Please remember that the Super User program:
    • It's a volunteer role
    • You are an enthusiastic user, not Dropbox employee or contractor
    • Your status can be revoked at Dropbox’s discretion
    • There's no expectation of compensation.


Interested? Apply Here! ->



giphy (2).gif


Any questions, comment below please! I'll be working with the team to make more changes in our program page and other areas as well. 

Ed G
Community Manager @ Dropbox

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