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Community Manager

What happened to my question? Why did it get merged?

Hi all!


That's quite a common question in long threads and trending issues, so I'll try to explain it a bit more!


What's a merged thread?

When two or more threads start around the same topic, we will try to merge them into one central discussion.


Why do we merge threads?

That helps our teams keep track of issues and seize them better. It's also easier to find and know where to 'chime in'.


Do you delete my previous posts after merging?

No, we don't delete them. They simply get added to the central thread. What may happen is that your conversation will follow a chronological order and therefore be shown in the middle of the thread (rather than at the end of it)


Who can merge threads?

Our Dropbox team and Super Users.



Do you have more questions about merging threads? Comment below!




your community manager

Ed G
Community Manager @ Dropbox

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