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What has changed in the Dropbox Community

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey everyone,
Welcome to the new and improved Dropbox community! We hope that our community look and feel will make it easier for you to connect with each other, ask questions, and learn about different ways to use Dropbox. Continue reading to learn: 
  • the updates to the community and why we made them
  • how the new community can help you 
  • how to navigate the new community 
The updates to the community and why we made them
  • New look: We updated our look and feel so you can have a consistent visual experience across all of Dropbox’s online channels. 
  • Updated navigation: One of our goals during the community design update was to make the community easier for you to navigate so you can find what you’re looking for faster and with ease. 
  • New dedicated areas for Get Started, Learn, Paper, and more: With so many possible conversation topics, we wanted to make it easier for you to find and participate in discussions that matter to you.
How the updated community can help you 
Whatever your experience level with Dropbox, the community is here to help. If you’re a beginner, look to the Get Started category for tips on how to set yourself up for success. Advanced users are invited to the Learn space to share their wisdom with beginners and also explore complex workflows with other experts. Paper users can unleash their creativity in our Paper category…and the list goes on. 
Explore the community to connect with other Dropbox users, ask questions, and learn about different ways to use Dropbox features. 
How to navigate the updated community 
  1. Getting support / asking questions / looking for answers to questions
1.b) Ask a question area
If you have follow up questions, feel free to @ mention your Dropbox community managers, @Ed and @AlexisL and we’ll be happy to help! 

Ed G
Community Manager @ Dropbox

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What has changed in the Dropbox Community
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