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Re: Backing up internal hard drives

Backing up internal hard drives

Explorer | Level 3

Hello All,


Hopefully I can get some help with this situation that I am having.


I have a custom built PC with the following Hard drive configuration:


NVME 1 (500 GB): Boot drive (Has the OS installed, Adobe apps, etc)


NVME 2 (1 TB): Storage drive (I use this one for games, Adobe cache folders, current work files, etc)


HDD 1 (2TB): This is used for my finished work. Once I am done with a project I move all the files from my "NVME 2" drive to here to keep the space open.


Now, the problem I am running into is I cannot backup the HDD 1 drive to Dropbox. I see no options what so ever and I cannot find anything online. The only thing I have found is for external hard drives. 


Anybody run into this issue and figured it out?

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New member | Level 2

I disagree that the FAQ addresses the question.

There is no definition of "external" hard drive that is technically sufficient. Is a drive that plugs in via USB-C , is mounted on the computer at boot time and then network shared from the computer an "external" hard drive or is it a second internal drive? The distinction called "external" hard drive seems to be a transient device you plug into the computer occasionally. Who does that? What is that? A portable drive for traveling? A camera?

The question and thread, along with numerous others deal with what Dropbox may be calling "second internal drive". There are FAQ answers that say you can only backup files that are on the same drive as the Dropbox file. Well, I tried that. I followed the instructions for migrating the dropbox folder location to the second drive. Guess what I see on the folder selection list for backup? That's right, I still see the C: drive folders just as many other posts have complained.

I explored creating junctions to the dropbox folder. Guess what? That solution was broken deliberately at some point and now dropbox backs up the junction file itself instead of following it.

There are also articles in the library (not user posts) that say to install dropbox on the drive that needs to be backed up. Oh cool, I can do that. Doh! No I can't. The installer does not give an option for that and no question about how to overcome that obstacle is ever answered. And yet the FAQ and library articles still mention installing dropbox on the the drive that needs to be backed up as the answer. I purchased the product after reading the FAQ and library articles on this subject with an expectation it would work.


We have a problem. It isn't an uncommon problem. We want to back up folders that are not on the C: drive. In my case that is the singular reason I purchased dropbox. If dropbox can achieve this, publish an article on how to do it. If dropbox cannot do this, it should be explicitly stated.

Explorer | Level 4

Stay far away from Dropbox unless you want to manually save some files that you need to manually update if that is what you're looking for. Google drive will do what you want.


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