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Cannot instal Dropbox anymore

Cannot instal Dropbox anymore

New member | Level 2

Hi everyone

It all started with a message that my version of the Dropbox application is old and it will stop in 6 days (this on a 6-month-old computer). I first contacted help and I was informed that I should not care about software updates as they are automatically seamless). 

But the messages continued to count down the days, and I asked again. I was pointed to the installer, and I tried to install it. It exited immediately. I tried to with AV disables - no change. Then in safe mode, it showed a screen indicating an unknown exception. I was advised to remove dropbox and reinstall - failed again. 



Same behavior on a second computer! The AV logs did not show any violation - no message that there was any violation. I was advised to manually clean the registry, and I did it. No success. I just stopped when I was advised to remove AV software, but this is something I am not sure that I want to do. 

Let me summarize: I started with computers that were running the application. So, in principle, all the ports were accessible. 


The help desk people were very kind but I am afraid that we are going blind, so I would like to be more systematic in what I am doing.  I would like to find if there is any Dropbox tool that will indicate what causes the installer to exit immediately and what is the nature of the exception. Please pay attention that the message relates to the capture program. 


I am running Windows 10 continuously updated and the AV is Avast ultimate. 

Any help will be welcomed

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Re: Cannot instal Dropbox anymore

Hi @Andrei, thanks for messaging the Community!

Do you have any other programs that interact with the Dropbox app or folder, such as Boxifier, which could prevent the Dropbox desktop application from updating on your machine?

Also, from the screenshot, this appears to be the Dropbox Capture app, which is a separate program. Have you tried uninstalling that app first?

Keep me updated with any details!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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