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Dropbox using 100% CPU for 8+ hours, with no UI

Dropbox using 100% CPU for 8+ hours, with no UI

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I'm using Dropbox to sync a volume across four devices. On one of the devices in question, Dropbox appears to be utterly and horribly broken.


The machine in question is a MacBook Pro that I use occasionally for travel. (The other machines are local workstations on a LAN.)


The problems started yesterday when I noticed that files weren't syncing on my MacBook Pro. Turns out the problem was that a process running on one machine had generated a crazy number of small log files - well over 100,000 - and Dropbox on my MacBook Pro was having enormous difficulty syncing them. Dropbox just kept running like crazy, and the number of unsynced files continued growing.


To address the log issue, I deleted the entire folder and all of the contained log files.  Dropbox on my MacBook Pro continued to want to sync 100,000+ files, even though the whole folder had been wiped out on Dropbox itself.


I tried the easy fixes - e.g.: pausing the sync for a while, restarting the client, and restarting the machine. No luck. Instead, the number of files exploded - now I had over one million files to sync.


I let it sit overnight, figuring that Dropbox would work through its issues. This morning, I was surprised to see that Dropbox now indicated over two million files to sync.


Out of desperation, I deleted the Dropbox client and everything in ~/Library/Preferences and ~/Library/Application Support that was associated with Dropbox. I then reinstalled Dropbox from scratch and restarted it. To my surprise, *nothing* came up this time - not the UI or any widget in the Menu Bar. Worse, Activity Center shows that Dropbox is running 150 threads at full speed, consuming 100% of CPU. Trying to run the app just produces a Finder window showing the contents of the folder where some of the files had been stored (but weren't now, as it is empty).


I decided to just let the machine sit and do its thing. Unfortunately, after 8 hours of processing, Activity Center still shows that Dropbox is using 100% CPU and 150 threads. And there is still no widget in the Menu Bar.


I'm running out of ideas, other than just completely deleting all Dropbox data on the MacBook Pro and starting over from scratch. I really don't want to have to do that. Any help would be appreciated.

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Dropbox Staff

Hi @sfsdfd, thanks for posting here! 


Is there any way for you to check which version of the app you're using on your end? That might not be so easy, without the icon on the menu bar, but let me know if you can't.


Also, it might sound trivial, but have you re-started your device at all? Feel free to also have a look at this Help Center article.


Keep me posted!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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