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Need to log off/stop syncing shared account

Need to log off/stop syncing shared account

New member | Level 2

I logged into a shared Dropbox account, created by my work, that I only need to access once/month. To access the files, I also downloaded the desktop app. I can log out of the account just fine in the browser; but I see no way to log out or get rid of the files on my desktop. Every time I drag it to the trash, it says it's in use (maybe by coworkers?) There are no account settings; just clicking on the Dropbox app icon brings me to the files, there is no preferences option or anything. All the help I see about shared accounts is that you can remove an account from a folder -- but the problem here is that everyone is using the same account, so I can't remove that. The files are taking up -- or threatening to -- considerable percentage of my laptop's storage, and I need that for my own work, I do not need to sync these files, I just need to log out of the desktop app, or even get rid of it completely. Can anyone help with this???


Pleeeeeeease help! This feels ridiculous. Thank you.

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Re: Need to log off/stop syncing shared account

Dropbox Staff

Hi @copyedit, I'd be happy to answer this one for you! 


You can use these steps in order to sign out of your account on the app. 


If you have any questions, let me know. 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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