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The upgrade to new new macOS build (one that uses Locations) has been a complete and total disaster

The upgrade to new new macOS build (one that uses Locations) has been a complete and total disaster

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I installed Dropbox on a wiped/fresh install M2 Max MacBook Pro, it prompted me to update to the new Dropbox that uses the Apple Cloud API stuff where it keeps your Dropbox folder in a sub folder of ~/Library and it was so unusable I had to just quit Dropbox and work without it today. I don't even know where to begin there were so many issues. To name a few, though:

  1. A person I shared a folder with was saying "the files are corrupt" when he downloaded them, but after investigating I found that the file wasn't even uploaded yet, but showed up in the share on the web as a 1MB file (the source file was over 3GB) and no matter how many times I chose to "Sync Next", the file just never uploaded... I moved it out of the Dropbox folder (which now, it takes forever to even move a file out of the Dropbox folder for some reason like it has to do some behind the scenes stuff to log it or something) and then moved it back in and it still would not trigger a sync... this happened with NUMEROUS files... ALL. DAY. LONG.
  2. I've restarted the machine several times and now when Dropbox loads, it's forever stuck in a "Starting..." status but never does anything (I've left it for hours), restarted Dropbox manually, etc... it's completely hosed
  3. It seems as though the OS is acting now as a mediator or something because when manually selecting a file to download, it has those icons like in the iCloud folders and that gives it's little circle progress bar and then the Dropbox icon in the top bar will do its thing
  4. One of the most frustrating things, too, is the fact that if you have a folder 5 levels deep set to always be offline, all of the folders ABOVE that folder show NO indication that a sub folder is being synced like the old Dropbox (that green outlined icon, not filled)... I can't explain how much of an issue that creates

All in all, I'm at a total loss of what to do, nothing works, I have to work without Dropbox as I've lost a tremendous amount of time trying to troubleshoot this today... I'm at the point right now I'm considering cancelling my business plan because I simply don't have the time to waste.


I'm not even sure what to even try next as I can't get Dropbox to get out of the limbo "Starting..." state

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Dropbox Staff

Hey @Mawthra, let's jump right into this! 


In regards to the app being stuck at "starting", did you try uninstalling the app and then installing it again? How long has it been like that?


As for the "sync next" option that you tried, what was the app's syncing status when you tried to sync these files next? Was the app syncing, or stuck at starting?


As for the point 3, are you referring to these icons, by any chance? In any case your feedback regarding our new Dropbox desktop application has been very valuable and I will endeavor to make sure your voice is heard.


Keep me posted, and we'll take it from there!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Where drop box states "Sync performance is now regulated by macOS."

Does that mean drop box is going to be as unreliable, slow to synch and esentially useless as iCloud files are? I can wait hours for a photo or file to actually arrive in a shared folder within iCloud. and I can tell it to be available locally only to find its offlined itself at a later date.


"Changing the location of your Dropbox folder is no longer supported by Dropbox for macOS with Apple's File Provider API."

does this mean I cant have drop box on an external drive any more?


"Dropbox files or folders not previously set to Make available offline may be automatically set to online-only when your hard drive is low on disk space."

does this mean I cant rely on files I've told to be available offline, being available without individually inspecting every file before heading off somewhere?

a.k.a. will function like iCloud files? (are apple just trying to kill off DB by making it as useless as iCloud files?) 


"Some downloaded files won’t display as occupying disk space."

Is my computer going to keep telling me my hard disk is full and i'll have no idea why or where to locate the issue?


"LAN Sync is currently not supported."

So my 8gb rhino file that Mac Os for some reason wants to update every 2 minutes, is going to upload and download to every computer I have runnning this DB account? Welcome home Youtube 240p or paused synch for all files.


For over 10 years Drop Box is the first thing I install on every new computer. I'm feeling like the end of the road is looming.

if its not better than iCloud then I probably don't need it any more?

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I keep getting a Dropbox notification asking me to allow Dropbox to sync with icloud (or something to that effect) and I refuse to do so. There is no way I want my dropbox saved to Mac's iCloud as 5GB is the max default, so I wouldn't have enough space unless I bought more iCloud space in addition to paying for Dropbox Pro. Let's keep Dropbox seperate just like all other third party Apps please. 

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