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Trick DB into ReFS support?

Trick DB into ReFS support?

Explorer | Level 4

I run a small(ish), high-performance dedicated file server for my small business. I'm switching the filesystem to ReFS for - among other things - its native support for SSD-accelerated tiered storage. Dropbox doesn't support ReFS yet, so I'm wondering if there's a way to cheat the system somehow. Put it on a dedicated NTFS partition and Symlink to its would-be location on the ReFS partition? Backend from the API? Something else?


I like Dropbox a lot. I've used and paid for it for many years. Thing is, DB doesn't get to tell me which filesystem I run on my server. That's my decision. ReFS has a LOT of benefits for data hoarders, and it's been around for quite some time now. So, either they figure out how to start supporting it, I figure out how to cheat the system, or I use something else and encourage all my clients to do the same. Period. 

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Dropbox Staff

Hi @Axiomatic, thanks for providing these details.


Currently, as you're aware, the Dropbox desktop application doesn't support the ReFS on Windows devices.


Officially, there isn't a method to circumvent this via any method, including the API itself. Any other means you suggested, including symlinks or third party solutions, would be at your own discretion and risk.


We do appreciate the feedback and take all comments into consideration when improving the Dropbox service.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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New member | Level 2

Yes there is a trick!


-Under Disk Management CREATE FILE VHDX in ReFs partition ("Z" letter for example)

-A new Disk will appear in Disk Management (Initialize and Format it as NTFS)

-Create a "TASK" to AutoMount a Volume VHDX at Boot with a dedicated script for example:  "Automount_Z_DropoxVHDX.txt"

where "Z" Volume chosen


Below the script contained in "Automount_Z_DropoxVHDX.txt" :

select vdisk file="D:\z_DropoxVHDX.vhdx"
attach vdisk
select part 1
assign mount="c:\dropbox"



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