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Re: DropBox Sync Issue After MacOS Sonoma Update

Won't stop indexing on Mac

New member | Level 2
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I installed the mac dropbox update and the application began indexing my files. It has now been stuck for the last few days. I can only access some files. Many are now only available through and not in my app. If I add files to they are added to the indexing queue of the desktop app, but no progress is made regarding indexing. I've tried signing out, quitting, uninstalling, and reinstalling. I've seen similar threads, but no solutions have worked for me. Any help is much appreciated.

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New member | Level 2

Same issue here! 

Dropbox Staff

Sorry to hear about this, @lukegajary.


If you have less than 300K files in your Dropbox folder, would you mind restarting your computer, to see if that helps?

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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New member | Level 2

A few days ago my Dropbox stopped working and instead of syncing my files it says "Indexing..." (does not specify the number of files). This happened on both a Windows 10 computer and a Mac laptop running macOS Sonoma (recently updated but I don't think that's the issue). 


I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing up long file path names, restarting or completely shutting down both computers, hitting pause syncing for 30 mins, going into Account settings and pressing Alt + H and pressing fix hardlinks, trying to see which are the broken links in Alternate Modules or whatever but none of my files were in there (just random stuff), etc. Nothing works!


I've contacted Dropbox Support email about this but they weren't very helpful either. Can someone help me figure this out? I've seen all the other threads and none of the solutions work. 


In response to this article on Dropbox's own website, NONE of the solutions work. I have plenty of storage space. 

New member | Level 2

People are going to ask for photos so here you go:Screenshot 2023-10-06 153522.pngScreenshot 2023-10-06 153540.png

Explorer | Level 4

Buon pomeriggio,

il problema della mancata sincronizzazione continua ad essere presente.

Quando è previsto il rilascio di una versione che risolva la problematica?



Ulrich Cimolino
Helpful | Level 5



after installing Mac Sonoma the dropbox did not work any more in the way it should.
New pictures oder files an the MacBook will not be uploades to dropbox, new pictures uploaded via Iphone will not be downloaded an the laptop.
It does not work from the laptop to make files usable offline. 

Sonoma: A banana-product!

Super User II

Is Dropbox actually running? What does it say if you mouse over its icon on the status bar?


Have you tried a reinstall? 


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Experienced | Level 11

@CHRISTIAN ARCOS could you please explain what you mean by document loss? Do you have a paid account? Honestly, your message has left me concerned, especially since the issue has remained unresolved for days, and there have been no responses from Dropbox here on the forum, despite many reports.

Ulrich Cimolino
Helpful | Level 5

Thx for reply:

"Is Dropbox actually running?"

I think...

"What does it say if you mouse over its icon on the status bar?"

Dropbox 184.4.6543
Index wird erstellt


"Have you tried a reinstall? "
Not yet... because I think it is a problem with Sonoma (there are a lot of other reports of problems, also with airdrop, pdfs e.g.)


Further problems:
can not open some files from the dropbox... (but well from the online-version...)

Thx a lot!

New member | Level 2

i had to do a manual file-by-file clean up.  Shared folders were split between devices and unevenly downloaded to primarily the device i DIDN'T have space to download them.  Now that device won't sync at all (seems completely unable to do that... there is no option to download, to force a sync).

I've tried restarting dropbox. 

I've tried installing/uninstalling dropbox. 

It's to the point now where it will list the files/folders but will not download them.  So.... cannot use the one device i need to use the most right now.  I may have lost files – i don't even know.  I am so angry.  The one thing I thought I could depend on dropbox for is the one thing it is not doing.  I realize this is the OS update that caused the problem, but wasn't somebody watching/testing? 

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