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another Dropbox on my MAC

another Dropbox on my MAC

New member | Level 2

I would like to use new Dropbox on my MAC - but I cannot add an extra dropbox - and if I delete dropbox then I only get the old dropbox on.. I am not able to get the new Dropbox onto my MAC.. can anybody help - please..? 

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Re: another dropbpx on my MAC

Super User

Hello Annette

Thanks for reaching out in the Community.  Sorry, there is no provision to have 2 Dropbox account on one Desktop.  IF the PC has several desktop (users with their own Desktop) then yes, that is possible but only one instance running,  However, you can view both accounts by doing what this Article says: 


Does this answer your question?

were you wanting to know how to change to another account?  

See the article linked above and go to the Heading:

Switch accounts in the Dropbox desktop app


if this works and it was a solution, please click on Accept as Solution.  Also clicking on Likes would be super.  Thanks!

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