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I'm new to Dropbox & I'd like to send a larger document to my client. How can I do that?

I'm new to this so how do I get started? I need to send larger documents to a customer.


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Re: How do I use dropbox

Hey there Steve - welcome to our forums!

To directly address your question, I'd suggest that you shared a link to that file for them to view or download (they won't have edit rights this way and they don't need a Dropbox account to view it).

The other way would be to share a folder directly with them if you want them to have edit rights (assuming that they do have a Dropbox account and the space; i.e.quota, to accommodate the file/folder in question). For example if they have a Dropbox Basic account that comes for free they won't be able to share more than 2GB as this is the space that comes with our free, Basic plan. 

Now, kindly note that every folder you create in your Dropbox is private by default. However, a special type of folder you can create is a shared folder. These folders allow you to share files with other Dropbox users. Please note that while it is shared, it can only be accessed by people you explicitly invite.

Additionally, you can decide whether members of the folder are "editors" (meaning they can add, edit, and delete files from the folder) or are "viewers" (meaning they can view files in the folder but not make any changes).

You can also share an individual file with others using the “can view” permissions as Dopbox also lets you create a link to any file or folder in your Dropbox, which can be password protected or set to expire (for our Professional and Business users).

Finally, you can also set up a file requests folder, which is a private folder only the requester can access, to which other individuals can upload files.

Let me know if you have any further questions @Steve65

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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