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Is it possible to restrict folder access by user AND device?

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I'm looking to be able to grant access to members of staff to specific folders, which they will use on both the office machines and their laptops.

However, a subset of those folders should only be accessible when using an office machine (i.e. they contain sensitive information the staff need access to, but that we don't want them having a copy of on their home PC).

Is this possible?

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Re: Is it possible to restrict folder access by user AND device?

Hi there, currently this isn’t possible since folder access can’t be restricted to specific devices.
I’ll forward this suggestion to our dev team for their consideration to improve the service in future!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: Is it possible to restrict folder access by user AND device?

The only way I can think to accomplish what you're asking in a very roundabout way is to have the person you're restricting use another email from home, then simply make another folder to which the home/personal email address won't be added to. The only issue here is that you'll basically be copy/pasting contents and filling up your Dropbox space, but it could possibly work. Just make sure you know which email is being used on which device. At least until the feature is supported.

The biggest issue with this is if those individuals have access to their work emails from home. In that case, there's not really a way around it yet.


Re: Is it possible to restrict folder access by user AND device?

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Thank you very much for the suggestion.  Until this year, that would definitely have been a workable solution (bit of admin involved, but achieveable).

Unfortunately, as there is now a 'per license' fee for business users, paying for another license just for this seems a bit overkill.

I do find it hard to believe I'm the first person to consider this - surely there are lots of companies out there that want their employees to be able to work off-site, but not have access to thew most sensitive information when doing so - if only for data protection reasons.

Anywho, I think I have my answer!

Thanks again. 

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Is it possible to restrict folder access by user AND device?
3 Replies
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