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undo changed folder name

Level 4

I've upgraded to Business version and immediately the name of my dropbox folder has changed. All my configurations (over 1K websites installed in dreamweaver, many shortcuts, etc.) have stopped to work.
Is it possible to keep the same name of folder that I had with the personal version ? If not, is it sufficient to cancel my business suscription so that the name of the dropbox folder becomes the same again?


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Re: undo changed folder name

Super User II

It's not possible to rename the Dropbox folder. As long as you have a Business account, the folder will contain the business name.

If you cancel your Business subscription, the folder will not be renamed back to Dropbox automatically. Instead, you'll need to uninstall Dropbox, rename the folder back to Dropbox, then reinstall Dropbox. During the reinstallation you can point it to the folder that contains your existing Dropbox folder (look for the Advanced Options link after entering your account credentials).


Re: undo changed folder name

Level 4

thank you

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undo changed folder name
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