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Beta Build 10.3.19

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Beta Build 10.3.19

Thanks for using Dropbox! The desktop client is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes.


     Windows      [Standard Installer] [Offline Installer]
     Mac OS X   [Standard Installer] [Offline Installer]
     Linux   [x86_64 Offline Installer] [x86 OfflineInstaller]


Auto-updates: Everyone who chose “Include me on early releases” on the Settings page.

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Re: Beta Build 10.3.19

Why the rapidity in the version number. Trying to catchup with Google Chrome?


Also, stop changing my preferences. I want unlimited up load speed not limit automatically.

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Re: Beta Build 10.3.19

What about Project Infinite? I want to try asap! Thanks

Level 3

Re: Beta Build 10.3.19

@Amandine L.

Can you please release some notes about what is new in this release? Please technical details.

Is it posible to get an esitmate when Project infinite will be in public Beta? We are ready for testing, becuase that our costumers typcally using small SSD's, but always are online. Project infinite will be a so nice to have asap!

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Re: Beta Build 10.3.19

This is what I see most of the time.

My heart jumps when i can actually use the desktop share tool.

Usually I have to go on to the website. Not happy moments.

The menu rarely loads completely.  Why?

10.3.1 version

What is the fix?