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Beta Build 16.3.23

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Beta Build 16.3.23

Thanks for using Dropbox! The desktop client is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes.


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Re: Beta Build 16.3.23

So what actually changed in this build? Installing these beta builds is like driving at night with the lights off :(
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Re: Beta Build 16.3.23

What's New? File size has not changed.

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Re: Beta Build 16.3.23

My computer had dropbox on a different partition than the OS and Dropbox was always stuck on "Indexing". I was told this build fixes that bug. Hope this helps.


Here is the last comment from my support thread:


Hi Morgan,

The development team has released a new version of the Dropbox application that should resolve the issue you were experiencing.

If you would like, you can install that version from the following page:

This should get you on the latest available Dropbox build.

Please let me know if the issue persists or is resolved with this Dropbox version. Thank you.




- Morgan

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Re: Beta Build 16.3.23

I just installed this build and after a *very* long time I get the status "Can't access Dropbox folder"
I'm running on a Netgear ReadyNAS OS6.6.0 and all had been OK until I upgraded today.
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Re: Beta Build 16.3.23

Found the answer to this thanks to page here:

I made a new file /etc/sysctl.d/dropbox.conf and put those 2 settings in it, rebooted and now the DB folder can be accessed AND it looks like my "stuck syncing after several days" problem that has been bugging me for weeks is also fixed ! Seems that trying to sync a huge number of files and folders hits one or other of these file system limits and it just hangs there. Result !