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Stable Build 10.4.25

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Stable Build 10.4.25

Thanks for using Dropbox! The desktop client is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes.


     Windows      [Standard Installer] [Offline Installer]
     Mac OS X   [Standard Installer] [Offline Installer]
     Linux   [x86_64 Offline Installer] [x86 OfflineInstaller]


Auto-updates: In progress

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Re: Stable Build 10.4.25

The xembed system tray is working for me now without the dbus-launch workaround. Thanks to Dropbox if you fixed something (not sure if Dropbox fixed it or not without the release notes).

Under wayland,one still has to prepend QT_QPA_PLATFORM="xcb" for dropbox to actually run. Would be nice if dropbox  provided the wayland QPA plugin as part of their offering (and fixed the task icon to use modern standards!)

Re: Stable Build 10.4.25

Changelogs would be awesome! -.-

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Re: Stable Build 10.4.25

Give us the damn notes.


The new 'recently changed' window on Windows is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.


Windows 10 'style' can go die in a hole.

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Re: Stable Build 10.4.25

Although it works, still missing dropbox icon on kde 4.14 toolbar. I use dropbox pro so, it's not a free version and pay the corresponding fee every year, and cannot belive that this bug still remains since dropbox version 3!!!

As a workaround I need to type in a shell window, as has been suggested many times:

dropbox stop && dbus-launch dropbox start

But this cannot be a solution.

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Re: Stable Build 10.4.25

after the recent revelations that you are using an SQL injection attack to obtain admin elevation on MacOS
 ( )

i decided to fully wipe all admin rights from my Dropbox install on Windows... at which point i ran into the same nasty almost virus-like behaviour for windows that it had on MacOS: Dropbox Update keeps SPAMMING me with admin elevation requests EVERY 10..30 minutes or so and it won't take NO for a permanent answer.

i raised an almost similar issue in 2014... 2015.. earlier this year in 2016.. nobody bothered to answer WHY it keeps re-installing the shell hooks and it wants to have admin rights so much without any user control over them. I was disabling the shell hooks and Dropbox was re-adding them silently again.

from 2014:

and one of your engineers even contacted me for more info earlier this year 2016:
but nothing came of it... the registry and admin elevation spam continues..

so.. let me ask again: WHY? i don't have the DB badge enabled and i don't want it to auto-update itself from a windows system-level service when windows starts

earlier this year:

and a fresh screenshot made today:

Dropbox should be able to update itself perfectly fine when started, the user account that runs it already has been granted full access to the Dropbox install folder and all its sub-folders. So why spam me with admin elevation requests for update?

i'm not going to let it inject those shell hooks again after seeing the deliberate MacOS SQL injection elevation attack.


p.s...the Dropbox changelogs being completely VOID of any info whatsoever don't help at all either. :(

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Re: Stable Build 10.4.25

As with 8.4.19, I'm seeing a lot of high CPU usage on the OS X version, running in the 90% range on my system.

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Re: Stable Build 10.4.25

This bug:

is still present.

Edit: Build 11.3.18 fixed it for me too.

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Re: Stable Build 10.4.25

What is Dbxsvc.exe (Dropbox service) on Windows?

It comes with the latest update and starts automatically. There's no explanation anywhere what it really is. I've disabled it for now.

And the release notes is again ridiculously empty.

This doesn't make me feel safe at all.

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Re: Stable Build 10.4.25


   There appears to be an issue on Windows 10 that when you right click the icon in the task bar you cannot get rid of the subsequent popup window. You have to kill off dropbox to get rid of it, I have this issue on 2 different pc's running dropbox (both running Windows 10).